Saturday, February 14, 2015

How to get clear skin

1-Always wash your face in the evening even if you were not wearing any makeup to wash off.

2-Staying hydrated will always help your skin stay healthier and therefor more clear.

3-Getting an appropriate amount of sleep, about 8 hours also gives your skin the time it needs to heal.

4-Changing your pillow case weekly will make sure there isn't an oily, germs build up rubbing against your face every night. As you can imagine that is not very good for your skin.

5-If you pick at your skin, even at the blemishes, try to stop doing that as much as possible. Picking and pinching blemishes only makes the germs spread under the surface of the skin, infecting your face further. 

Hope you found this post helpful. Until next time, take care!

Much love, 

Nonesema ♥


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