Monday, March 14, 2016

10 Health Benefits of (Fennel)


yellow-flowered plant with tiny leaves similar to parsley, fennel is a delicious and sweet plant and it's not only a kind of vegetable, but also a herb. Because of its various health benefits, many people add it into their diet.


 The health Benefits of Fennel

1. Anti-Spasmodic
2. Great Immuniser
3. Anti-Flatulence
4. Assists with Anemia
5. Useful For Weight-Loss
6. Relieves Intestinal Aches
7. Assists Breastfeeding Mothers
8. Relieves Respiratory Problems
9. Anti-Microbial (& Rids Worms)
10. Beneficial During Menopause


Stay Healthy

Nonesema xoxo